ARK Collegiate

ARK Collegiate

​​Enhance Religious Knowledge and Belief in Catholic Higher Education

ARK Collegiate Assessments is your essential tool for measuring and enhancing the religious knowledge and beliefs of college students. Our comprehensive platform equips Catholic colleges and universities with the insights needed to strengthen faith formation and ensure that campus ministry efforts are effectively addressing students’ spiritual needs.

Key Features

Holistic Knowledge Tracking

Six Domains

Assess student knowledge across Sacraments & Liturgy, The Creed & Salvation History, Morality, Prayer, Virtue, and Living Discipleship.

Customizable Tests

Tailor assessments for your college or university by adding specific questions that address your unique concerns or ideas.

Analytics for Leaders

Identify problem areas and access customized resources for professional development, ensuring targeted and effective ministry efforts.

Empowering Campus Ministry and Decision Makers

Comprehensive Data Access

Track student knowledge and growth over time with easy-to-use dashboards.

Enhanced Ministry

Use the data to refine campus ministry programs and ensure they are meeting the spiritual needs of students.

Why Choose ARK?

Faith-Aligned Expertise

We are practicing Catholics with decades of collective experience in Catholic education, dedicated to transmitting the faith and helping Catholic colleges excel in their mission.

User-Friendly and Effective

Our platform is not only cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing but also practical and easy to use. 

Proven Results

Our scientifically valid and research-based questions provide actionable insights, helping educators to improve student outcomes effectively.

Join the ARK Collegiate Community

Equip your institution with ARK Collegiate Assessments to measure, analyze, and enhance student knowledge and beliefs. Empower your campus ministry team with the data they need to succeed and ensure your students are on the path to spiritual and academic excellence.
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