How to

Testing Section Administration and Taking the Test

  1. As the Teacher Test Proctor, log in and select “Testing Sections.”
  2. Select “Testing Dashboard” to view the details of the Teacher Section.
  3. Confirm that all Teachers who will take the Test are listed.
  4. Click “Open Login” and “Begin Test.”
  5. When Teachers log in to ARK, they will see a status bar showing that the Test is now open for them to take.
  1. Select “Click This Link” to be taken to the Test.
  2. Teachers complete the Test. While it is advisable to reserve the time needed to complete the Test in one sitting, if the need arises, a Teacher can exit the Test, log out of ARK, and return and complete the Test at a later time.
  3. The Proctor Dashboard will update as it does for Student Testing. You will see Online/Offline Status and percentage of completion.

Once all Teacher Tests are complete,
the Proctor presses the “Close & Lock” button on the Dashboard to complete the testing.

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