Individual Score Report Tip Sheet

Reading Individual Score Reports

The Summary Diagnostic

Here you see a summary of the test-taker’s strongest and weakest Domains, his/her knowledge score, national percentile and personal growth score. The personal growth score is available after a 2nd year of testing.

Domain Scores

Here, the test-taker’s knowledge scores across the six Domains are summarized. When you pivot the Domain title using the arrow at the far right, you can see the topics covered and the test-taker’s correct response rate. Clicking “View Incorrect Responses” will bring you to the question(s) with selected and correct answers displayed for that topic.

For test-takers in in Grade 6 and above, a Critical Thinking Proficiency score is included to show how the test-taker performed on questions requiring application of knowledge (as opposed to recall-only).

Growth Over Time

This section plots the test-taker’s result overall and in each Domain for the current test and prior test(s) to show the change in each area. This view allows you to see areas to celebrate the improvement as well as areas that need attention.

Personalized Learning

This section includes three free resources to support the test-taker’s learning based on his/her weakest performing areas on the ARK assessment. You can view these in a new window or email them to parents. (If you wish to print PDFs of student reports to email to parents, these resources will appear as links on the printed page.)