Religion Assessments

Unlock the Full Potential of Religious Education

ARK is your comprehensive assessment tool designed to measure and enhance the religious knowledge and beliefs of students. We provide Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses with the insights needed to make informed decisions, ensuring the highest quality education in faith formation.

Key Features

Knowledge and Beliefs Tracking

Six Domains

Assess student knowledge across Sacraments & Liturgy, The Creed & Salvation History, Morality, Prayer, Virtue, and Living Discipleship.

Customizable Tests

Our assessments align with all major religion textbooks and the USCCB Framework. Our assessments may also be tailored at the diocesan level if needed.

Analytics for Leaders

Identify strengths and areas for improvement with detailed analytics and customized professional development resources.

Empower Educators and Families

Data-Driven Insights

Track teacher and student knowledge growth with recommendations to enhance the Catholic identity of schools.

Classroom Resources

Receive ready-to-use lesson plans and activities to address knowledge gaps effectively.

Family Involvement

Provide parents with score reports and recommended resources to support faith education at home.

Optional Pre-Testing

Reliable Baseline

Highlighting gaps in student religious knowledge as they begin the school year helps you focus education on where it’s needed most.

Free Resources

Lesson plans and activities sourced from various publishers enable your teachers to address knowledge gaps effectively and efficiently.

Improved Performance

Pre-Testing dioceses tend to see considerable growth in student scores.

Why Choose ARK?

Easy to Use, Comprehensive Solutions

Our aesthetically pleasing dashboards offer a seamless experience, providing all the necessary data to see what’s working and where improvements can be made.

Access Extensive Data, Built by Experts

We are practicing Catholics with decades of collective experience in Catholic education, passionate about transmitting the faith and helping schools thrive. ARK is the only assessment that gives you access to longitudinal data across a student’s scholastic career.

Unmatched Support

Our customer service is second to none. We ensure that you receive the support needed to successfully implement and utilize our assessment tools.

Addressing Common Concerns

Independence and Relevance

ARK is an independent business whose questions are developed from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to align with the top Catholic religion textbooks in the country, ensuring relevance and coverage.

Teacher Participation

Teachers dedicated to improving their methods embrace our assessments. The largest dioceses in the country are successfully adopting ARK through phased implementation. Talk to us about different strategies to engage your faculty.

Join the ARK Community

Become a part of the growing number of Catholic educators who trust ARK to provide the insights needed for superior faith education. Equip your school with the tools to measure, analyze, and improve religious knowledge and beliefs, enhancing the spiritual lives of students.

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