How to

Read the Center Administrator Results Dashboard

The Center Administrator Dashboard is available only for the the Center Administrator and the Diocese Executive. This post will guide you through the key components of the report.

School Snapshot

Here you see your school’s Catholic Identity Score, which is an assessment of Catholic culture based on the average knowledge, beliefs, and behavior scores of your Students and Faculty.

Your school’s strongest and weakest Domain are displayed and includes a download that offers tips to improve and enrich your culture. You will also find a chart showing the average score by grade for both Teachers and Students.

Student Snapshot

This section summarizes all Student results including: The average knowledge score, strongest and weakest Domain, and student score distribution in high (80+%), mid (60-79%) and low (<60%) ranges.

Faculty Snapshot

Here you see your school’s average Faculty results including: average knowledge score and corresponding national percentile, strongest & weakest Domain, and average self-reported beliefs and behaviors. You will also find a list of Faculty sorted from highest to lowest scores.

Student Results by Teacher

This section lets you see the Student score distribution in high (80+%), mid (60-79%), and low (<60%) ranges and the average class score by Teacher.

Clicking on the Teacher name brings you to their Performance Report. Clicking anywhere on the pie chart takes you to that Teacher’s Dashboard.

Student and Teacher Knowledge Comparison

Here you will see a side-by-side comparison of the average Teacher’s knowledge score per Domain and the average Student score across the entire school.

Domain Knowledge Scores

This section lets you drill down to examine knowledge scores on each of the 6 domains. Toggle the selection to show data for All / Students/ Faculty. Pivot the domain to see total numbers of correct answers by topic.

This detail will help you assess coverage of your curriculum, identify strengths to celebrate and opportunities to address. You also see the percentage of test-takers that scored high (80+%), moderate (between 60 and 79%) and low (<60%).

Domain Belief & Behavior Scores

This section shows the respondents anonymous, self-reported beliefs & behaviors across each of the 6 Domains including the percentage responding in Strongly Aligned / Somewhat Aligned / Not Aligned.

Toggle the selection to show All / Students / Faculty. Pivot the Domain to reveal topic breakdowns showing the percentage responding as Strongly Aligned.

Results Over Time

This section shows a performance comparison the the school’s Students on ARK this year compared to last year’s Students. This helps to show the impact your efforts are having on the growth of your Students.

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