How to

Testing Day: Administering the Test

NOTE: Please also see the Proctor Script, included in this document.

  1. Navigate to your Testing Dashboard for the Testing Section you are about to administer.
  1. Click “Send Login Links” and skip to step 4 or if not yet complete, “Generate & Download Passwords” to generate the Username for each Student and the common Testing Section Password.
  2. Print this file and prepare each Student’s unique login credentials in a manner suiting the age of your Students (see suggestions on the Preparing Student Login Credentials page).
  3. Click “Open Login.”
  4. Have Students navigate to and log in with their unique credentials. You, or other adults, might need to enter these ahead of time for younger Students.
  5. Have Students confirm their Name and Date of Birth on their individual holding screen.
  6. Confirm that all Students appear as “Online” in the Status field of your Dashboard.
  7. Select “Begin Test” when ready to start for all Students.
  8. During the Test you will see Students’ progress indicated in the Dashboard.
  9. Once all Students have completed the Test, or you have provided the amount of time you wish to allot to the Section, click “Close & Lock Test,” and all responses will be saved.

NOTE: “Close & Lock Test” locks the Testing Section and submits all responses for analysis. No changes can be made to Student lists or Student answers.

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