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Testing Day: Proctor Script

Before beginning, click “Open Login” for the Testing Section at
Student computers should be at the Student Login screen:

Notes on the Student Experience

  1. All ARK tests are Multiple Choice and True/False. There is only one best answer for each question.
  2. The Test is in two parts. Part 1 tests knowledge, and Part 2 tests affinity. Affinity question responses are anonymous and will not be tied to each individual test-taker. There is a section break to alert the Students to the completion of Part 1 and the start of Part 2.
  3. At the conclusion of Part 2, Students receive a congratulatory message and can exit the testing window.

Suggested Test Day instructions

“Welcome! Good morning/afternoon!
We are going to take the Assessment of Religious Knowledge today. You will have the chance to answer questions about the Catholic faith.
We will take this test on a computer/tablet.
After logging in, you will be asked to confirm your Name, School, Teacher, and Grade. Please click ‘Proceed to Test’ on this page, or raise your hand if the information is wrong.”

Pause for Students to log in and confirm their information.

“Students, please type in the Student ID you are given. (Omit for any Testing Section where you have already entered the credentials.)
You will reach a waiting screen. Please be patient, and I will start the Test once all Students are ready.
Once you begin, you will see one question at a time. Please choose the best answer from the choices given. You cannot go back and change your answers.
Once you finish the Test questions in Part 1, you will begin a series of anonymous questions in Part 2. Your answers to these will be anonymous and are to help our principal better understand our community’s beliefs and practices. These questions will not affect your score on the ARK Test.
Are there any questions?”

Pause for any questions Students may have.

“St. Joseph of Cupertino, patron of test-takers, pray for us!
You may now click ‘Begin the Test.’ “

and their Status shows as ONLINE, select “Begin Test.”

select “Close & Lock Test” to end all responses and submit the Testing Section.
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