Administrator Guide

Assign Students to Classes

To assign Students to classes, please navigate to the Students menu selection. Select the “Filter” button Select the Grade you wish to assign Click “Apply“

Add Unique Testing Sections

Note: If your Testing Sections mirror your Classes, please refer to the instructions at the end of Assign Students to Classes. Navigate to the Testing

Create Classes

To create classes for your institution, please navigate to the Classes menu selection. Select the “New” button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Import Students

To enter Students for your institution, please navigate to the Students menu selection. You can add Students individually using the “New” button, or for batch

Add Proctors

Note: This step is to add any Proctors who have not already been imported under the “Import Teachers” step. Navigate to the Proctors menu selection.

Import Teachers

Note: Teachers can also be assigned as Proctors in this step. Ensure that any teacher who is also a proctor is marked as “Y” in

Prepare Your Data

Teacher and student data will be imported. To start importing data, please ensure that your data is in a .csv file format.  Each column should

Your Home Screen

When you login you will land on your ARK Dashboard. (See Figure 1).  The key features of your dashboard include: The Navigation menu gives you

Key Terms

Students  Students refers to Catholic school or parish students in grades 2–12 who will take the ARK test. Teachers  Teachers are all faculty in the

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