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Students refers to Catholic school or parish students in grades 2–12 who will take the ARK test.

Student ID

Student ID refers to the Catholic school Student Information System (SIS) unique identification number. This is an optional field.

Student Email

Student email is a unique, school-based email address for the Catholic school student. This is an optional field and can be used to distribute assessment login credentials immediately prior to testing administration.


Teachers are all faculty in the school or parish you wish to participate in the ARK test. These are religion teachers but also any teacher that will take the Teacher Assessment. A Teacher may also be a Proctor. For Teachers to view Student Results, they must be assigned as a Teacher for the Class.


A Class section is a group of students taught by the same teacher at the same time, who may or may not take the ARK test together. Class information is used by ARK for reporting information to you and your teachers on how students did by class.

ARK Class ID

The ARK Class ID is a unique number in the ARK system. After creating your classes, the class list can be exported with the ARK Class ID to enable adding the ARK Class ID to the student import template during the rostering process.

Testing Sections 

Testing sections are groups of same-grade level students who will test at the same time, with a proctor. Since ARK is designed to be taken in religion/theology class, please define the Testing Sections by the Religion Teacher and Religion Class. If you wish students to take the test in other groupings (for example, all 10th grade classes at once with a single proctor), you can adjust the testing sections from your dashboard.


Proctors are school/parish staff who will administer the ARK test to students in a testing section, but do not have access to the results for the classes they proctor. However, a Class Teacher can be a Proctor. If you wish to designate another person as Proctor for any testing section, you can adjust this easily from your dashboard.   

Center Administrator 

The Center Administrator is the person at your school or parish who will be in charge of data management—for example uploading student and teacher information to ARK and creating testing sections. The Center Administrator will also receive full access to all reporting dashboards for the school or parish.

Center Data Administrator 

A Center Data Administrator is a person designated to manage all data in the tool for your school or parish, but will not have access the results dashboards.

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