How to

Prepare Your Data

Teacher and student data will be imported. To start importing data, please ensure that your data is in a .csv file format.  Each column should contain header information to identify the data. 

  • For Teachers, you will need: First Name, Last Name, Email, Sex (M/F), Proctor (Y/N)
  • Updated for 2023-24 Academic Year: For Students, you will need: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Grade, Catholic (Y/N), Gaps in Catholic Education (Y/N), English as a Second Language (Y/N), Accommodation (Y/N). You may optionally add a unique, school-based Student Email address and the respective ARK-generated ARK Class ID

Note! Please use one file for Teachers and a separate file for Students.

NEW for 2023-24, schools with many classes/sections per grade can export the ARK-generated class ID for those class listings in ARK. This can be added to the Student import to automatically assign students to those classes. Data must match exactly.

Setup of Proctors, Classes, and Testing sections will be done using the ARK interface (it will not be imported).

For Classes: Please ensure you have the Textbook Publisher, Textbook Name and Edition for each class you will roster in ARK. ARK utilizes a simple drop-down selection featuring the USCCB approved textbook list.

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