How to

Assign Students to Classes

  1. To assign Students to classes, please navigate to the Students menu selection.
  2. Select the “Filter” button
  3. Select the Grade you wish to assign
  4. Click “Apply
  5. In the resulting display, you can select all or individual names using the checkboxes in the list. Select the names for the class you wish to assign.
  6. As you select names, the screen shows “Select Class” and “+Add to class” at the top of the list. Use the drop-down menu to select the class for the group of students you have chosen.
  7. Click “+Add to class” to complete assignment.

NOTE: you can assign individual Students with the menu on the row with their name

  1. Repeat Steps 2-7 as needed to assign groups or individuals to classes.
  1. ARK will process the data and bring you back to your registered Students screen. This screen will refresh, and you should see all the added Students now displayed. Please note that you can Filter the display by a variety of options. 
  2. If you are importing a large data set, you may see an import status page displayed. This will automatically update once complete and return you to the main Student list.
  3. If your import results in an error, an error page describing the issue will be displayed. Please make note of the issue, correct your file, and resubmit. Or, please let us know at [email protected] or using the chat feature.

To Duplicate a Class as a Testing Section:

  1. After all Students are assigned to Classes, navigate to your Classes list.
  2. Select “Duplicate Class as Testing Section” for the class(es) you want.
  3. Repeat for all classes that will be 1-for-1 matched testing sections
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